Technology and R&D clusters

Research and development clusters generate new and innovative solutions for real world problems. GCWCI uses big data analytics and the cloud to assess high volumes of information programmatically via remote computation and storage services.

Our professionals develop software, hardware, and other miscellaneous wares and services that allow enterprises to store, process, and analyze their data and others’ data all in one place.

Global’s next-generation data management infrastructure uses advanced analytical processing and data science at petabyte scale to understand global trends, creating market intelligence for decision makers Venturedyne and investors in a wide range of industries. We connect things to other things over the internet via the Internet of Things (IoT) and perform big data analytics using cutting edge AI and machine learning techniques to learn new things from these things.

Our servers tap into existing data connection platforms to dramatically reduces the time and effort required to connect and enrich data sources allowing data scientists, analysts, and managers to focus on data-driven innovation like autonomous drones with 3D printing capabilities. Our science teams are pushing the envelope to bring drones with 4- and 5D printing to market. We’re making the world of tomorrow today.

Worldclass AI and big data firms converge on intelligences that are even more artifical than before
Unlocking the future with cutting-edge R&D clusters. Data management, IoT, and AI converge to create innovative solutions and empower businesses with unparalleled insights. Join us on this journey to the future of data and innovation.

Big Data Analytics + AI to accelerate the Cloud

In the dynamic and multifaceted global markets of today, business leaders turn to the name they trust: Global Corp World Com International.

Powerful cloud-based Machine learning and APIs deliver key insights straight to decision makers - in real time. Our sophisticated system architecture was constructed by the leading researchers, engineers, and legal minds of our age.

To ensure the highest degree of quality, Global oversees every linkage of development throughout the supply chain - horizontal, vertical, and planar perpendicular integration - a more integrated production and service delivery pipeline than that of any other multinational conglomeration.

Our network communicates with proprietary microprocessors surgically inserted in clients’ hippocampi to deliver a highly integrated, real-time experience and enhance decision making. It’s truly transformative - Global is advancing the way we decide decisions and think thoughts. It’s technology 2.0 for accelerating productivity.