Intangible asset classes

Our exceedingly diversified portfolio of subsidiaries includes a selection of uncategorizable properties and unregistered corporate entities.

Semi-independent ventures exercise a high degree of autonomy, and operate as aggressively mission-oriented corporate business directives. Although the sectoral designation of many of the intangible incorporated units is generally not known, the profit generating abilities of these high- performing entities are well understood.

Some enterprises are bound to explore the deeper curiosities and undiscovered truths about the universe we inhabit. Beyond knowledge and meaning, the nature of the search for knowledge and meaning is itself priceless. The essence of the pursuit of this pricelessness significantly increases the valuation of this unique asset class. Do black holes really exist? Can they be monetized? We believe these are questions worth asking, and answers worth finding.

Entities that defy the mundanity of taxonomy
The intangible asset classes in our diversified portfolio hold mysteries and promise profound insights. These uncategorizable properties and unregistered corporate entities operate with high autonomy, generating substantial profits despite their elusive sector designation. Beyond knowledge, the pursuit of understanding is priceless, and the journey towards uncovering the universe's secrets is a valuable asset.