Premier international holdings

Premium brands boast established synergies, strategic financial structure, and layers of ownership. Our groundbreaking joint venture partnerships allow us to focus on core growth opportunities while focusing on everything and nothing at the same time. With the right mix of experience and creativity, Global can build a functional international incubator for innovative business development. Early development confers substantial added value to dual enterprise pre-IPO market entrants.

Our wholly owned subsidiaries and holding companies engaging in the private equity market execute coordinated reverse leveraged buyouts and secondary buyouts. Dividend recapitalization incurred while repackaging equity stakes improves return on investment. Global’s fluid asset matrix enables maximally leveraged positions to tolerate a debut load far beyond the capacity of any competitors, giving our subsidiaries an absolute advantage when resolving acquisitions.

Like the great masters of the renaissance, our crack legal team are a wonder to behold. Their mastery is not with paint, but instead with creative legal structures. They prefer the Panamanian certificate of incorporation to the crude brush or chisel, but their mastery over this domain is unmatched and, indeed, many claim their creations belong in the Louvre with other great works of art. Our documents, however, contain confidential business information and cannot be shared with individuals outside of those covered by the appropriate non-disclosure agreement, thus are not suitable for public consumption in art galleries.

Cutting-edge holding firms churn illiquid assets into an ocean of revenue-driving moneyjuice
Global's innovative approach to international holdings combines creativity and expertise. From layered ownership to intricate legal structures, we're redefining the boundaries of business development