A modest beginning

Over a century ago, on February 28, 1911, Jack Warner established the Jack D. Warner Global Corporation in San Francisco, California. He started the company after building a small scientific laboratory in his garage, where he took a leap of faith on his risky but innovative new formulas for research-based science applications. Over the years, his keen insight and attention to detail would win him the admiration of his peers and industry-wide respect.

Six months later and two thousand miles away, on August 19, 1911, William and Charles Adams founded the Adams World Company. Talented speakers with street smarts and ample initiative, they set up shop on the side of the road and started selling advice to traveling businessmen. As news of their sharp consultation spread, business expanded rapidly.

The charter in all it's glory
Excerpts from the founding meeting, a vision on ink and parchment. Etched into the firmament by the founding fathers of an empire forged in ambition.
The gentlemens go for a walkabout
A modest beginning, a legacy built on innovation and grit. The blood, sweat, and tears are often hidden beneath layers of top hats and monocles. While the outward facade may suggest a veneer of sophistication and indifference, beneath the surface lies a force of determination that few can comprehend. The arduous pursuit to achieve greatness leaves naught but an indelible mark on the world.

A growing industry

By the late 1920s, Warner and the Adams brothers had garnered regional commercial success. Business was booming, but the three men had a dream to carry their legacy through the ages: the perfect union of practical corporate wisdom and daring, inventive flair. On October 23, 1929, they entered a New York boardroom adorned with rich oak paneling and dappled by musty cigar smoke. They emerged twelve-hours later with terms for a merger and a comprehensive business strategy for Global Corp World Com, embarking on an era of sustained growth through vertical and horizontal integration.

The company internationalized on April 12, 1942, in order to capitalize on markets that emerged as a result of World War II. The name was changed to Global Corp World Com International to reflect the vast worldwide presence and ingenuity that would define the GCWCI brand and solidify the organization as an indomitable force in the multinational corporate world. Despite its growth, the company stayed true to the central tenets put forth by the founders. GCWCI executives continue to increase shareholder value by providing products and services rooted in integrity and innovation.

Quite some gentlemen with a hankering for industry
The perfect union of practical wisdom and daring flair. Witnessing the legacy of Warner and the Adams brothers, as they shaped a global powerhouse through innovation and integrity.

Major acquisitions

The Global executive task force guided the organization through a period of aggressive growth through consolidation. Major mergers and acquisitions included international steel and railroad conglomerates, commodities exchanges, manufacturing companies, leading financial institutions, and Luxembourg.

Our wise and steadfast leadership employed bold strategies during this critical juncture with preternatural ability to hold together a burgeoning enterprise in the face of unprecedented expansion. The organization’s commitment to this ambitious vision payed dividends. Global Corp World Com International grew dramatically in size, value and influence as a result.

Looking forward

From humble beginnings, these men of unrelenting vision and unwavering purpose ushered in more than 100 years of extraordinary corporate growth, laying a firm foundation for the monumental ascension of Global Corp World Com International and dozens of subsidiaries. They had the unique ability to look past the hurdles of today to the promise of a prosperous tomorrow. Although Jack Warner and the Adams Brothers are suspended in cryogenic stasis, their entrepreneurial spirit lives on with GCWCI. As we turn our sights to acheiving AGI and moving past the jagged frontiers of human understanding.

An early prototype gets busy assimilating data and becoming sentient.
Preliminary trials show tremendous progress in harnessing the potential of limitlessness.